EuMIGS is a network of Master Programmes in Migration Studies in seven European countries. It offers master students the opportunity to spend up to one year at another programme in another country. The network’s main aims are allowing students:

  • to have the chance to specialise according to the specific focal points of their home and host institutions
  • to get to know other academic and disciplinary perspectives on migration and related topics
  • to discover the migration realities of another country and another city

Moreover, the network aims at strengthening cooperation and exchange between students and scholars within Europe and beyond.

EuMIGS offers two different modes of mobility:

  1. Individual exchange for a certain number of months on the basis of ERASMUS+ grants.
  2. A formal Double Degree-Programme in Migration Studies in which students spend the entire second year of their master studies at another institute in another country and get issued a master degree from both their home and their host institutions.

The EuMIGS-partners represent a wide range of disciplinary and thematic approaches to Migration Studies and closely related topics. "Disciplines range from Sociology, Political Sciences and Anthropology to History, Geography, Administration and others. At the same time, the partner programmes share a high level of academic scholarship in Migration Studies, a clear interdisciplinary interest in the relevant topics, and a strong research orientation. In all participating institutes, master students are inserted in an environment of top-level research and academic activities.

All partner institutes are members of the IMISCOE Research Network, the most important and largest network connecting scholars in the area of migration and integration in Europe. Master students have the opportunity to participate in the Annual Conferences of IMISCOE and joint international training activities.

EuMIGS is co-ordinated by the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies at the University of Osnabrück.